craft_parts.executor.organize module

Handle part files organization.

Installed part files can be reorganized according to a mapping specified under the organize entry in a part definition. In the key/value pair, the key represents the path of a file inside the part and the value represents how the file is going to be staged.

craft_parts.executor.organize.organize_files(*, part_name, mapping, base_dir, overwrite)[source]

Rearrange files for part staging.

  • fileset – A fileset containing the organize file mapping.

  • base_dir (Path) – Where the installed files are located.

  • overwrite (bool) – Whether existing files should be overwritten. This is only used in build updates, when a part may organize over files it previously organized.

  • part_name (str) –

  • mapping (Dict[str, str]) –

Return type: